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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 9, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> we hav team coverage on the fire tonight. and we've heard from people who have had to evacuate their homes. >> and where we've learned no criminal charges will be filed. a neighborhood rebuilding after ree years. >> sacramento democrats end their feud over how to make more room in prisons but now putting inmates back out on the stets. >> a dramatic shot from sky 7. smoke and flames from the so called morgan fire approached historic stone lookout tower at the summit of mount diablo. officials say they're confident they can get this fire contained in the next few
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days. good evening, everyone i'm carolyn johnson. >> the morlg -- morgan fire has grown too large for local agencies to handle cal fire has stepped in and taken over management othe efforts. here is what itooked like from our east bay hills camera. we've had reports ash has been falling from the sky. here is a look from san francisco. the smoke diminished but we've be watching it rise from the fire 30 miles away. abc 7 news ter laura anthony. >> throughout the day looks like there has been improvements in the last couple hours, we're just south of the summit on the danville side here on summit road. you can see at this point just
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a little bit of lit smoke. acreage has grown, it appears firefighters have hadood success getting a linearound the fire in large part to those bulldozersp interes interest -- there. >> with so much of the terrain rugged, someplaces firefighters just have to let the flames go. like through this tinder dry manzanita. >> thing that's won't normally burn we're eing burn down in hos here. >> we're seeing not typical california burning conditions. so we're about a month and a half head of schedule this year. >> crews were able to push back te huge flames and they got out of the way to let dc 10s drop retardant just below.
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by mid day, main aim to try to keep the flames on this side of summit road. including this one. fire has grown in 24 hours, so, too has containment ne autos conditions could changnow. we're optimistic we're going to be ableo find a way to tie it down in on the south flank. >> and live picture of what's happening behind knee is up at 2000 foot level mostly bulldozers looking like at this point getting upper hand and at this point theye been successful keeping flames on the other side. just wand to show what brush is like here this is a branch. if you snap it, snaps in half
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in a second. that is what they're dealing with here. we've seen big plumes of flames and smoke. but at this point things looking good on this side. >> pollution level frtz smoke are considered moderate why the school district today cancelled all outdoor tivities including pe, lunch and recess. let's turn now to wayne freedman on the fire, wayne? >> you know this is brush fire season but it's rare to get a fire this bi in our own backyard. let me show you the north side of the dominant presence. people see it and navigate by it. they watch it change. there are two ways to measure the fire.
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worry and sleep e.nessness another. >> this is upsetting. >> andverwhelming. >> oh, it'-- yes. it's -- just very stressful. >> and this is a success story. sharon looking at her two horses which are safe now, still, she endured a long, and sleepness night. >> my brother just lost his home a few months ao in colorado springs they lost everything. it was a forest fire. >> flames roared up and the men beat them back. this battle took place around 2:00 p.m. themoke so thick, firefighters disappeared in it. the area so rugged effective attacks came from the air. those drops a source of reassurance to residents living below.
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>> very rugged and a lot of rocks and everything. just a few rows. >> seanvacuated last night, returnintoday to check on his goats and chickens ask intondz stay. it's their mountain, their ba drop. >> if you change, too,e ride around the mountain on the horses and it's just going to be different landsce now. >> let's take a lookt where this fire is raging. you can see morgan territory road there. roughly 4,000 acres now, it's just exploded in size in 24 hours. this is the area where mandatory evacuations have been ordered. then, you can see communities of black hawk and danville residents reporting ash
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falling from the sky likebig snowflake autos red cross is operating a center for the morgan fire at clayton community library. so far only one family has shown up. they close choes to sleep in the car because the shelter doesn't allow animal autos things happe >> your dogs were happy you slept with them inside of the car? >> well, as happy as they could be. >> several horses needed to be evacuated as well. they're being sheltered in antioch. abc 7 weather anchor joins us live. we can see the smoke its showing up there clearly. you're right. we can see clear skies, sunny skies inland. and here is a time lapse view of the smoke building in the afternoon. smoke is thick for several hours. starting to get lighter.
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that is hopefully leing to containment of the fire, 79 degrees. there has been an increase in humidity in the last hour or so. that isonly helping in a minimal way. winds strong and gusts over 30 miles per hour. it's hotter down near the base of the mountain. our smoke advisory, our first forecast first of all. light wind overnig. smoke advisory in effec for contra costa, alameda and santa clara counties and we'll continue toonitor weather conditions there. looks like things are improving. >> a massive fire continues to bu tonight.
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and firefighters spent the day putting out spot fires. smoke spilling into the valley as an inversion layer shifts up one community is vowing never forget i tonight is the third anniversary of the pipeline explosion. and this year the city marking the occasion at the spot writ happened. abc 7 new is live at the ent getting underway now. heather? >> we're at the intsection of claremont and gln view. streets have been closed off for the gaering this evening. it's for the people who live here, the people who look out of their window asks see empty lots not just empty lots but
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they see in their hearts, people who died here, lost lives, friends, neighbors. there is a $50 million fund set up to rebuild infrom structure of the neighborhood. and that is ongoing but no amount of money can bring back people lost or heal hearts of the people who loved them. thre members a family died here three years ago. the city says the family hasn't decided what t do with the lot rebuilding is going to occur. it's doing that now. but meegs part just going to take years smrks people are never going to ge over it. it's a huge drain. >> the explosion and fire destyed 38 homes prks nancy was not home but her husband and two cats were. her husband made it out. the cats did not.
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e knows where they would have bn hiding. >> they were under like a bed a platform. soi just hope theyidn't suffer. i think about tha every -- every day. >>the flyers around the neighborhood in hopes of kinding the cats are ou in her yard today. she's golt a couple new cats. one found after the fire no, one claimed him. >> his name dusty. either phoenix, dusty, or ashes. >> 16 of the 38 homes are occupied. this evening's memorial will be hourn mourning the dead and welcominold neighbors home again. hencel learn there'd is n going home again after what happened here, even when you rebuild trying to make it just like it was. >> it's not the same. my husband tried to rebuild it
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as it wa you can't do that. >> pg&e saying since the accident we're focused on helping victim rz cover and making our gas system safest in the nation wex have more work to do but have made progress. the district attorney and state attorn general looking into whether there might be be a criminal case against pg&e. in san bruno abc7 news. >> thank you. >> still to come name game over what to call old bay brge. >> in sacramento governor brown reaches aompromise to prevent rly release of prisoner considerate heics say it won't fats fi courts. >> you're going to hear from a
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here yof a house fe. a police officer helped save two peoples' lives here. >> a bay area woman saves phony offer for $50,000 then sets up to catch the thi in action. 97
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state top two elected democrats decided to call a truce today, thousands of inmates set to be released at the end of t year but as abc 7 news reports, many say the governor and senate president cooperative plan istoo little, too late. >> there are bills emnating. >> under court orders to reduce the inmate population by 10,000 bit end of the year, e compromise reach bid governor brown and legislative leaders callfor asking for more time. if they grant extension, the plan goes into affect to prevent crimils from refending. >> everybody is interested in a longer term sflugs th want solution we have e
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opportunity to could do what al. >> if the crt doesn't approve more time, the proposal says it's fwook square one, the governor's plan to spend more than $300 million immediate live contracting bed space at out of state prison autos this legislation shows t state is 100% in compliance. >> legal experts say it's highly unlikely. the lawsuit has been going on more tha two decades. >> there is not a snowball chance. >> taxpayers can't believe state leaders are taking such a risk. clearly judges are running out of patience. >> only lawmakers and the governor could possibly misunderstand the ruling. governor's ruling straps
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taxpayers with a huge debt. >> a recenteport agree was those critics. the plan willnly work in the short term and steinburg's pl could wo take too long to see results. >> there has been much ado abouthe opening of the eastern span of the bay bridge. tonight we have news about the western spachblt -- span. lawmakers are debating whether to rename the western sde over willie brown. whenever willie brown is involved pitics is involved, too. carolyn? >> willie brown has foes and friends in sacramento and here at home. tonight their clashing over state policy over the naming of bridges specifically this bridge and a clause calling
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for community consensus. >> everybody is oohing and aahing. but there are lots of moans and grownsver naming the western span. >> saying i don't like you anymore but i think they ought to name that bridge over you. i said why? said so i can run over you every day. >> as e longest speaking is sem bli speaker inalifornia willie brown was colorful and controversial. as a key backeroted today. >> there is always going to be people who like willie brown sm. people hate willie brown f do you your job well that is how it should be. >> among opponents three formeran francisco supervisors sending a letter of protest saying we respect years of service mr. brown
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renain mains a controversial figure in san francisco. gonzales believes naming honors should only go to the dead. >> i think if you goring to do this for someone thatis still alive, there are tl oug to be a consinceus bit. i don't think there is at this time about willie brownyou don't recall them saying when george skimmer -- mimer had a bridge named after him. it's only when it's wile brown. >> i would make an exception if the public were to vote for it. >> if it passes caltrans says it wld be asked to put up the sichblt. >> i'm lobbying for the spencer christian bridge it has a ringo it. >> but it's a bridge too far.
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we've got low skploudz fog bringing finally se cooler relief after three days of high temperatures reaching 100 degrees in fairfield and antioch. 102 livermore and clear lake. 104 in clover dale. look at the high onl 6 degrees. that is 42 deges lower than hiest of the inland highs. and here is a live view from mount tam of the cooling marine layer beginning to push beyond the coast now skpofrt bay. 69 oak lchbltd 6 redwood city. cool 59 at half moon bay. view number two, from sutro tower camera 77 in napa.
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91 in conk jord livermore. and looki northwest you can see low clouds and fog sweeping across bait right now. cooler tomorrow not a sharp drop but you'll feel relief. seasonal temperatures will be with ugs. water vapor shows that big warm air dominated our weather picture will be moving o as we follow the time line her a bit of coastal f, sea breeze coming in to bring us cooler weather in areas tomorrow. it will be quite warm. overnight look for mainly clear skies. some patches of fog near the coast. low temperatures in upper 50s to ju above 60 in milder inland locations. then, tomg, highs starting in
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the south bay sunny, warm, highs from mid to upper 80s. 84 san jose. pin anyone slarks highs of 78 in san mateo. and on the coast mild. 61 pacifica. downtown san francisco 69 tomorrow. oakland topping out at 76 degrees, inland east bay highs 90 in walnut creek and san ramone. here is the accu-weather focast. so wednesday, highs into upper are 80s then leling out on thursday. warming up again friday to mid-90s inland then temperatures moderating a bit over the weekend. anotherise in temperatures towards the end of the we. >> thank you. >> coming up next for a change
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is >>. san francisco taking over properties from bank tt's refuse to modify underwater mortgages. a rally held outside city hall today in supportf the plan it would be mod yeld after a city of richmond program that would use emmeant domain to seize and refinance properties at lower prices. that program is facing a legal chachk chal yempk. the supeisor wants san francisco to look into a similar plan. >> i know th we have, you know, done a lot of work and very complicatedreas where there are legal challenges. >> howev, mayor ed lee says using eminent domain could damage the bond rating. richmond's program up for a vote in tomorrow's city council meeting there are prose poseals to postpone it
7:31 pm
or ll it. >> some of california's biggest fuel producers and users have teamed up to keep police helicopters over oakland. that will buy about 4,000 gallons of jet fuel. >> the helicopter agreatool for the police department. it's force multiplyer. with our staffing as it is, it's a benefit for us in helping to keep our officers safer as well. >> one police officer serves as only full time pilot for oakland's two helicopters. the chief hopes to find enough fi add additional pilot autos we're keeping an eye out for you toght on that fire burning out of control on mount diablo. will be days still before their work sr finished. >> also ahead detention in florida of george zimmerman h
7:32 pm
shot a teenager to death, now he's accused of threening his own wife. >> a police officer a hero after a daring rescue that took place in this home in, fremont, stay with us.
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upding tonight's top story now, 100 families remain forced from homes because of a quickly-spreading wildfire. that fire are now spread to mo than 3700 acres sfrrts it 20% condition tained right now. electric lines and communication equipment and a look out at the top of mount diablo under danger. outdoor classes and sports were cancelled today. there ar 700 firefighters on the line as sifting in this, people are dropping off food and water at area fire houses officials say it is not necessary. they say they appriate the thought but actually have plenty of both. >> a phone shall break thrgh on the crisis in seara. the
7:36 pm
white house says it will consider a diplomatic proposal that could put off ailitary strike. the foreign minister welcomed ideaf surrendering control of the chemical weapons stockpilhaving it destroyed. he's still rallying hard for potential u.s. air strikes. sat down with abc world news anchor today. >> my objective has been to deal with a specific problem. what i said sthai want to make sure that nor is maintain ootd president faces stiff opposition on capitol hill a vote to authorize a strike postponed the senate today. syrian president remains defiant to theprospect of u.s. intervenon. >> when you have terrorism, you havear, when you have war, you have innocent live
7:37 pm
that could be a victim of -- of anyar. >> the obama administration faces growin opposition from voters a new wasngton post bomb shows nearly two thirds are agast his plan. and we'll carry at dress tomorrow night. you can see it live here on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> another run in with the l for george zimmerman. the former night watchman detainedoday after his estranged wife called 911 during a fight. shelly zimmerman says george dwlented skmer her fwaerj a gun during the argument. lice officers detained zimmerman but did not arrest him n a frantic 91 call shelly said she was scared for her life. >> he keeps saying step oser.
7:38 pm
he's just threatening all of us. >> step closer and what? >> and he's going to shoot us. i don't know what he's capable of. >> shelly says she was not press charges against george. she filed for divorce last week. aperfect example of wha first responders do when lives are at stake two. officers used a hood of a patrol car to rescue twoeople. >> y can sfree sky 7 vantage point how e fire spread quickly through theouse, police officer joel lavano notice aid person through this window. an occupant had to be rescued but the fe was too high for ground level access. >> i turned around tohad availa.
7:39 pm
and ipished the -- pushed the patrol car up against the wall there. >> these are photos post on facebook. firefighters got the 20-year-old man out along with his parents who had been overcome by smoke. that is before firefighters were able to depy a hose because doorsere bolted and locked. >> they had a front door that was locked. you need a keyto actually get the lko get out. >> two officers treated and released for ske inhalation two. firefighters treat forwar burns. the homeowner who's the operate immigration services in fremont remain in the hospital. >> i didn't spe to my sister, they didn't speak to me.
7:40 pm
i do think they need medical help. >> the next door neighbor thked firefighters from keeping the fire for coming to his home. the officers being hailed as heroes for quick thinking and helping firefighters to save three lives. in fremont abc 7 news. >> now a man found unconscious in union square over the weekend was high id fied today. officials reported he died from his injuries a famy member recognized him after seeing this picture. he will be an organ donor. >> a southern california judge today gave some good news to former alameda county pervisor nadya lockyear mpl she tell i team she no longer has to live in a drug treatment facility and will be
7:41 pm
able to live with her 10-year-old son. show faces drug charges in orange county. she tells i team she expects charges to be dropped in january. companies looking to fill 600 jobs will be meeting with prospects tomorrow hosted by job journal and abc 7 on market street in san francio from noon until 4:00 available positions inclyde nnl advisors and software engineers we have a list of jobs for you on abc 7 >> coming up one of the year's most anticipated tech confer yens autos they're talking about the
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in san francisco for tech crunchisruption. the conference and there is great anticipation over announcement of a new iphone slated for tomorrow. >> in a crowded ll it's a
7:45 pm
pink mustache getting attention. lift among headliners for disrupting their indury we had to create a wait list. there was so much mand we've never seen that. >> when it began there was a basic requirement to use it. you hado have an iphone. it took months before supporting phones running android software only accounting for a quarter of the users. >> as we're growing outside of the bay area, we're seeing that trend shift a little bit. >> we flif a bit of a bubble. >> the bay area is still ripe with iphones the rest of the world has seen a tidal wave of adroid adoption. preparing to launch their uptes app makers have android on the brain. >> android is becoming mor popular.
7:46 pm
>> android growth outpaced iphone, one smar up is trofting fr the shift helping iphone developers move apps tofr google play. >> two, three years ago why would you develop for android? there is no point. >> that is how long zach has been working on app portable letting developers runheir apps on android. but android won have all of the fun. ones made fr apple device autos we kw there a couple peop out the so we know goitsing to work. >> finishing touches on an idea tree at the entrance to
7:47 pm
e new convention center. it is a layered experience providing shade, and whats called an audio sound escape which allows you to record snippets that ar remixed. >> interesting. >> coming up next here, a bay area woman smells fraud and gets on the phoneith one of the people behind it. >> sheurbs to 7 on your side's michael finney after getting check to pay her taxes with. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent...
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predators trying to trick bay area residents into wiring money into a -- to a conartist. >> mhael finney was there, one man tried to catch a thief. >> this was very cool. a fun thing to do. when you pretend to pla along with a scheme you canearn a lot about how these predators operate. as long as you don't come face-to-face or sendmoney, you can attempt to spoil their ability to rob you.
7:51 pm
then, we were there to watch this woman. >> letter looked enticing and phony. >> i am a winnerf $50,000. >> said lisa had won a big cash prize in arawing sponsored by several major retailer autos the thing that makes it enting is that it has walgreens safeway, sears stores people shop at. >> all she had to do was dhash check for 2400s skdz use to it pay a $908 tax, then, fed-ex would deliver the prize. >> first i went that is kooc then, i went yeah, right. you know? who is going to give me $50,000. she suspected fraud and sure enough, the check is a fake. come out of her pocket andhave goneo the thieves. >> i thought it would be interesting to play along. >> lisa decided to catch a conin action calling the number in that letter a man
7:52 pm
picked up and told her to cash that check and call back. >> i said sh -- he said did you cash it? i said absolutely. he said oh, okayful you need to go to walmart now. >> the man wante lisa to buy a $980 money order from walmart then call back again. now, the sam man asks for her rever yens number. from that, he knew her name and addrs she found creepy. >> call her tomorrow before 9:00. >> the man says julia would te her where to send money. >> i gethe $50,000? >> he hangs up. he saided-ex will doum my door but i'm call after i get the check to get more driks. >> instead la went online, there found dozens more potential victims received the same letder, same fake check,
7:53 pm
same phony contest. >> i called you guy autos lisa thought i should warn you not to fall for these rackets if you receive a promise of riches and a check that seems real, it's almost sure to be a rif rippoff. which lisa told the man on t phone. >> i said how come tre is no money in tt bank that you sent the check on? and he hung up on me. >> this letter had signs of a mail fraud claiming you won money, providing a check that looks real and says you're to use the check to pay a fee. if your [ male announcer ] at sizzler... it's back for a limited time! fire grilled steak and golden all-you-can-eat shrimp for an incredible $9.99! only at sizzler!
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good evening, i'm not sure what what gifts harbaugh brothers exchange at christmas, what a gift. bolden 13 catches f 208 yards. in the win yesterday. now, today, niners head coach, th use. joe staley stepped in to protect his quarterback. >> one punch, and onepen slap which if yore going to go to the face, come with us. so i think thatis -- that young man works very hard on being a tough guy.
7:56 pm
'll have drn -- repairing to do to his image after the slap. >> niners tigh end six reptions 98 yards two touchdowns. >> is this as comfortable as you've felt onn nfl field? >> y. >> probably because everything that i have around me. right. >> they're all supportive. i believe in them. and like i said before it's a lot of love you know? we love each other. we'll do anything for each other. and that is a key. >> be sthour follow every week right here on awbc 76789 wll
7:57 pm
the raiders lost their opener to the colts but terrell pryor almost led sill skprer black into the win. but with the game on th line, intercepted asolts held on to win. >> we gave ourselves a chance to win the game. we had an opportunity toin what. we've got to improve on is, what we've got to learn is that we've got to make plays and thoseituations. so when you come in on monday you've got a good feeling not a bad feeling. >> novak jokeavich admits no one is playi better than raffle nal today. first set jokeavich unatibl
7:58 pm
put ahae way overhead slam. lookt nadal here. scoop shot. he took the first set. blistering forhand here painting the line. this is perfect placement here, nadal wins his secondu.s. och chivemt 13th major. abc 7 sports brought you by orchard supply hardware, one more note on harbaugh. if you are hit with a closed fist you break your hand hand. you ow? all you can do i slap it. qum a fist. >> all right. >> thank you. >> well, does the saying opposites attrt apply to reil match ups?
7:59 pm
how theew owner of neem marcus has luxury store going from clars dollars to nts. >> then at 11:00 a progress chk on a fire dwlenng homes in the east bay. why crews are diskurnling a act of kindness from people trying to show support. >> and here i tonight's prime time line up. we'll be back with abc 7 ne at 11:00. >> but that does it nor edition of abc 7 news. thanks for joining us everyone. >> from all of us here we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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